Premium Subscriptions

Professional and Business accounts give you tools to safely store your content, grant the right level of access to recipients, and collaborate easily with peers and colleagues. While both account types use the same basic interface as our Free accounts, they come with extra features that are indispensable for serious content management.

Choosing a plan

Upgrading Your Account

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Canceling a Subscription/Deleting an Account

Which plan is right for me?


When signing up for something new, we all want to know we’re making the right choice. This short guide will help you find the right account type quickly, and with confidence that you’ve selected a package that fully meets your needs.


You should choose a Pro plan if…


  • You will be the only person working on your project. If you have content you want to share with other people - co-workers, friends, family, or customers - but will be managing by yourself, a Pro plan works perfectly.
  • You want to collaborate with others. Are you working with people who have already signed up for MediaFire? You can share content between your existing accounts, allowing you to upload, edit, and manage content cooperatively.
  • You have hundreds of gigabytes of data to store. Unlike our Free accounts, a Pro account can store up to a full terabyte of files. Even if you have no plans to share your files, a Pro account is great for backing up personal files like photos, movies, documents, and even software.


You should choose a Business plan if…


  • You need to store more than a terabyte of data. While our Business plans can have a storage total as low as 1 TB there are multiple options above that, all the way to 4 TB. So if you read the Pro section of this guide and thought to yourself “Only one terabyte?” a Business plan is the right choice for you.
  • You have a group project that will involve multiple users. Is your organization trying to collaborate online? Signing up for a Business package gives you a master account which can create as many sub-accounts as you need. Each user will have their own file space in case you need to keep certain materials confidential, and you can easily link up to share files and folders with other users.
  • You’re concerned about security. The master account in a Business plan comes with a security log, which details what actions are taken by each user account.


If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to contact us for more help. If you’re ready to make your choice, you can upgrade your account by clicking here.