Bandwidth and Direct Downloading

Any time a premium user account is used for downloading - either by downloading someone else’s files, or when someone downloads the premium account’s files - it consumes an amount of bandwidth equal to the file’s size. This means that as long as there is an amount of bandwidth equal to or greater than the size of the download being requested, it will be treated like a direct download. If not enough bandwidth is available, the download will be treated like a free account download, and will require visiting an ad-supported download page to begin. Access to bulk downloading will also be lost until the account’s bandwidth balance is positive again.


The Account settings page lists the amount of available bandwidth as a way to monitor usage. To get there, click on the down arrow next to the user name and avatar in the top left corner of the files page.

In the menu that appears, select Account settings.

The Settings page shows how much bandwidth is available under the Available Bandwidth heading.

How much bandwidth do I have with my plan?


Premium subscriptions receive 1 TB of bandwidth per month.


How long does the bandwidth last?


Every month a premium account will receive a set amount of bandwidth, which is usable for direct, ad-free downloading. This direct download bandwidth is a perk for premium subscribers only, which means that access to direct downloading is lost once a subscription ends. However, our system supports re-subscribing at any time to regain access to the benefits of direct download bandwidth.