How do I upload content to MediaFire for Android?

Uploading Content

Images and videos can be set to automatically upload to MediaFire on your device.  If this option is disabled, you can individually upload directly from your camera app to your device via MediaFire for Android.  You can also upload "other" types of files to the MediaFire app.  To upload content to the MediaFire App follow these steps:


  1. Open the desitnation folder where you would like to upload your content.  If no folder is selected, the content will be added to your root folder. 

  2. Select the Upload Icon from the top right hand corner of your MediaFire for Android screen.

  3. Once upload is selected, MediaFire will access your android content.  You can choose to upload VIDEOS or IMAGES from your camera.  Additionally, you can choose MORE to upload other types of content from your android device. 

  4. Choose the content you would like to upload by tapping them once. A green check mark icon will be placed on all files selected for upload.  Select the blue Upload button to continue.

  5. MediaFire will add your items to the queue for upload.  Once uploaded, the files will appear in your designated folder.


Advanced Users:

You can also upload content to MediaFire without opening the app.  You must have a file browsing application installed which that has sending capabilities, such as OI Manager, to complete this type of action.  Simply locate the file you would like to upload and then “press and hold” the file to activate its action menu.  Select the send icon.  For this example, Android 4.4.2 is used.  The send icon is an arrow.


Once send is selected, your application will list all ways to share your file, choose MediaFire.


Your file(s) will be added to the queue for upload.  By default, files will be uploaded to the root directory.