How do I manage camera backup settings via MediaFire for Android?

Managing Camera Settings

Several settings can be controlled from MediaFire for Android.  Settings range from general information to communicating with the MediaFire Technical Team.  At times you may wish to control when, and if, your camera automatically syncs media to the MediaFire butt.  When camera backup is enabled, media captured by your camera is uploaded to your MediaFire account, keeping your media backed up and synced seamlessly.  By default, this feature only occurs when you are connected to Wifi in order to preserve your mobile data.  To alter these, and other, camera management features, follow these steps:


  1. Select the context menu.  This is located in the top right hand corner of MediaFire.

  2. Upon selection, a new menu appears.  Select Settings to enter the Settings Menu.

  3. A new screen will appear with several settings. In the middle of your screen are Camera Settings.

  4. Select Backup from Camera to allow MediaFire for Android to automatically upload media captured with your camera (both pictures AND videos) to your MediaFire account.  When unchecked, media will not automatically upload to MediaFire.  You will need to manually upload desired media to MediaFire in this instance.

  5. Select Backup Over Cellular Data to allow these uploads to take place over cellular data.  If unchecked, uploads will only occur when you are connected to Wifi service.


Advanced Users:
If you change your settings while media is currently being synced, it will finish the file its syncing before the new settings are applied.

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