How do I send a bug report to MediaFire via MediaFire for Android?

Encounter an Error? Send a Bug Report

Several settings can be controlled from MediaFire for Android.  Settings range from general information to communicating with the MediaFire Technical Team.  At times you may encounter an error using MediaFire for Android on your device.  It's beneficial to alert MediaFire of any technical issues you may face. This can be done by sending a bug report.  Sending this vital communication to MediaFire increases the quality of future updates you will receive.  To send a bug report via MediaFire for Android, follow these steps:


  1. Select the context menu.  This is located in the top right hand corner of MediaFire.

  1. Upon selection, a new menu appears.  Select Settings to enter the Settings Menu.

  1. A new screen will appear with several settings. In the middle of your screen is the Feedback section.

  2. Select Send Error Reports to MediaFire to allow MediaFire for Android to automatically alert the MediaFire Technical Team of errors you occur.  If unchecked, you will need to manually send errors to MediaFire.

  3. Select Send an Error Report to manually send a bug report to the MediaFire Technical Team. This is the selection you will chose if you have Send Error Reports to MediaFire unchecked.
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