How do I delete a folder via MediaFire for Android?

Deleting Folders

With MediaFire for Android, several folder options are available in order to transform your device into a complete cloud management tool.  These settings include Make Private/Public, Share, Rename, Delete, Copy, and Move.  This article will discuss how to delete a folder.  To delete a folder via MediaFire for Android, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the folder you would like to access.

  2. Select the folder's context menu icon.

  3. The folder's context menu will be displayed with various options.  Select Delete.

  4. A new box will be displayed asking if you are sure you would like to delete your folder.  Select Delete if you wish to continue with the deletion.

Advanced User Notes:

If you delete a folder on MediaFire for Android, the folder is not permanently deleted.  You can go to the MediaFire website and access your Trash folder where your deleted content is stored.  From here, you can restore your file or delete it permanently.