How do I create folders and manage files in my account through the iPhone application?

Creating a Folder

To create a folder in your MediaFire account through the iPhone application, press the small blue folder icon on the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the options for the folder you are currently in. Tap the third icon which is the small folder icon with the plus sign inside, this will bring up the prompt to enter a name for the new folder. After you enter the name and press OK, the new folder will be created.

Moving Files


To move files from one folder to another, first select the file you would like to move by tapping on it. This should bring up the options for the file. The 5th option down is the button for moving a file, when tapped, the application will allow you to choose where to move the file to. In my demonstration I will place my MediaFire logo into my "Mobile Uploads" folder. When the folder selection comes up, choose the folder that the file should be placed into, then press the move here button and the image will be into that directory.


Renaming Files and Folders


To rename files and folders, tap the small inward arrow on the file or folder which should bring up the file/folder options. From here, tap the option to rename the file, which is the small pencil icon. This will bring up a field with the current name of the file which can be changed. Please only alter what is before the file extension, there will be an error if the extension is changed or removed. When the file has been renamed, the application will confirm that the file name has been changed.


Deleting Files and Folders


Once you locate the file or folder you would like to delete, access the file action menu by selecting the gray arrow next to the file.

An action menu will be revealed.

To delete your file, select the Delete Icon from the action menu.  A new box will be displayed verifying you want to delete your file.  If you wish to continue with deleting your file, select Ok.

Your file will be deleted.  A status will be displayed at the top of your screen saying your image was deleted.