How do I upload media from my device via MediaFire for iOS?

Manually Uploading Media

MediaFire for iOS allows you to upload videos and pictures to MediaFire which are captured on your device by your camera.  This is done by accessing your device's image folders. To upload media via MediaFire for iOS, follow these steps:


  1. Locate the MediaFire icon on your iOS device.

  2. Open MediaFire by tapping the icon once.  The MediaFire sign in screen will appear.  Select Facebook if you would like to use your Facebook Account or Email Address if you would like to log in with your Email account.

  3. For this example, Email Address is selected.  After choosing Email Address, the next screen will ask for your email log in credentials.  Enter the email address and password associated with MediaFire and then select Sign In.

  4. Next, your root folder for MediaFire will appear.  You are now logged into MediaFire.

  5. The upload icon is located on the bottom of your screen in the middle section.  It is in the shape of a plus sign.  Select the upload icon.

  6. Your device's image directory will be displayed.  Select the directory from which you would like to upload.

  7. Your directory's media will be displayed.  Select the videos and/or pictures you would like to upload.  iOS for MediaFire will place blue checkmarks on the media you've selected to confirm their selection

  8. When you have finished selecting media for upload, select DONE from the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  9. Your media will begin uploading to MediaFire.  Upon completion, a notification will display at the top of your screen which states, "Auto Upload # Items".


Automatic Camera Backups

In addition to manually selecting files, MediaFire for iOS allows you to set up automatic camera backup options.  When enabled, camera backup will automatically upload media captured on your device via your camera.  You can then choose to disable or enable this process over your mobile network.  Disabling backup over mobile networks will only allow camera backup to initialize over Wifi networks.  To toggle camera backup settings, follow these steps:


  1. Select the context menu at the bottom of your MediaFire screen  This icon is illustrated by a cog.  

  2. Once selected, the settings' screen will be displayed with various settings.  Camera settings can be managed from the section labeled Automatic Backup.

  3. Enabling the first option, Camera Backup, will allow MediaFire to automatically upload media captured utilizing your device's camera (pictures and video). 

  4. The next selection, Background Upload, allows MediaFire to continue uploading in the background while you are not viewing the MediaFire screen.  With this option disabled, uploads will cease when MediaFire is not in the foreground (i.e. you are viewing other applications on your iOS device).  For this option to work you must grant MediaFire permission to access your location information.

  5. The last section, Backup over cellular data, lets you manage when camera syncing to MediaFire occurs. In order to preserve cellular data, you may wish to only allow camera syncing when you are connected to Wifi.  With this option disabled, backup will only take place when your device is accessing a Wifi Network.  When enabled, camera backup will take place at all times, even when Wifi is not connected.