How do I share content using MediaFire for iOS?

Sharing Files and Folders

MediaFire for iOS allows you to share content by copying the sharing URL to your iOS device's clipboard, or by emailing a link to the content.  To share something via MediaFire for iOS, please follow these steps:


  1. Locate the MediaFire icon on your iOS device.

  2. Open MediaFire by tapping the icon once.  The MediaFire sign in screen will appear.  Select Facebook if you would like to use your Facebook Account or Email Address if you would like to log in with your Email account.

  3. For this example, Email Address is selected.  After choosing Email Address, the next screen will ask for your email log in credentials.  Enter the email address and password associated with MediaFire and then select Sign In.

  4. Next, your root folder for MediaFire will appear.  You are now logged into MediaFire.

  5. Locate the file or folder you would like to share.  Select the context menu icon next to the content by tapping it once. The context menu looks like a small circle and is located to the far right of the file/folder name.

  6. Your context menu will be displayed.  Tap the share icon.

  7. A new box will be displayed with two sharing options: Mail or Copy.  You may also select Cancel to exit the sharing dialogue.

    Choosing Copy will copy your content's URL to your clipboard.  This URL can then be pasted into various apps such as your text messenger, Facebook News Feed, Twitter Feed, etc.

    Alternatively, selecting Mail will prompt your device's email app to open.  Follow the prompts to send your content's URL by email.

Advanced User Notes: If you share content that is set to private, the sharing URL will automatically be transformed to a public URL and become viewable by anyone with the URL.  Private content is designated with a padlock icon, as seen here: