How do I send feedback or report a bug for iOS?

Feedback and Error Reporting in iOS

The quickest way to communicate with MediaFire is to simply shake your device.  When this happens, a box will appear with several options.  

Select Send General Feedback to email a quick note regarding iOS for Mediafire. Once selected, your device's email will be initiated with our technical support email completed in the To field.  Type your message and complete sending.

If you would rather report a bug in our app, choose Send Bug Report from the menu.  Once you fill out the bug report form, you will be notified that an error report has been sent.


To send an error report or rate the app from the Settings screen, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the MediaFire icon on your iOS device.

  2. Open MediaFire by tapping the icon once.  The MediaFire sign in screen will appear.  Select Facebook if you would like to use your Facebook Account or Email Address if you would like to log in with your Email account.

  3. For this example, Email Address is selected.  After choosing Email Address, the next screen will ask for your email log in credentials.  Enter the email address and password associated with MediaFire and then select Sign In.

  4. Next, your root folder for MediaFire will appear.  You are now logged into MediaFire.

  5. At the bottom of your screen is a settings' icon.  This icon is illustrated by a cog.  Select the settings' icon.

  6. Once selected, the settings' screen will be displayed.  In the Feedback section, select Send bug report in order to report an error to MediaFire, or Rate this app to give our app a rating in the Apple Store.

  7. If you choose to send a bug report, a new box will appear confirming the bug report has been sent with an incident ID.

    If Rate this app is selected, a new screen will appear where you can review MediaFire for iOS.