How do I register as a 3rd party developer?

If you would like to develop applications for MediaFire, you can register on the MediaFire Cloud.  To register as a 3rd party developer, follow these steps:

1. Open the MediaFire Cloud.

2. From the App Bar, click on the down arrow next to your user name and avatar.

3. Select Account settings.

4. You will be directed to the account settings’ page.  Select Developers

5. Once in the Developers’ screen, you can register as a 3rd party developer.  Complete the form and then click Submit.

6. After clicking Submit you will be taken to a new screen with your developer profile information.  To change this information click Edit.  To begin developing enter your application name and then select Create New Application.

7. Once Create New Application has been selected a new box will appear with your application information (App ID, Name, Key, & Date created).  From this box you may Enable and Disable the application, rename it, and delete it. 

8. To access the Developer API visit

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