How many files can I download at one time?

Users of Free MediaFire accounts are not limited as to how many downloads they may execute, but they must return to the download page to download each file.  

Free accounts cannot download multiple files or folders at one time.

Premium Subscriptions are able to download multiple files at once and can even download whole folders. If you are a Premium user (Professional or Business), you can take advantage of MediaFire's Bulk-download features.

To download a folder, right click on the folder icon and select Download from the Context Menu.

Another way to download a folder is to select the checkbox beside the folder icon and select Download from the header above.

Premium users can also select the checkboxes for multiple files or folders , right click on one of  the files or folders, and click the Download Selected option on the Context Menu

Another method is to select multiple files or folders  and click on the Download option on the header at the top. 

When any of these selection methods are used, a pop up message will appear, asking you to confirm that you would like to Bulk Download.

Click Yes, and MediaFire will zip the selected files or folder(s) and proceed with the download.

Again, the Bulk Download feature is only available for Premium Subscriptions. 

Free users can download files inside of a folder, but will have do so individually.