Unlinking My MediaFire Account from my Roku Device

Need to switch to one of your other MediaFire accounts or let your friends log in?  No problem.  Logging out is simple.  From your home page, you can press the asterisk(*) on your Roku remote to enter the Options menu.

From the Options menu select Logout.  Your MediaFire account will immediately unlink.


Technical Quandaries:

Question:  Are all Video Types Supported on the MediaFire Channel?

Not all video types will work on the MediaFire Roku channel.  Video must be H.264/MPEG-4 compliant.  It also has to be one of the following formats: mp4, mkv, or m4v.  If your video is not in one of these formats, try using one of the many online transcoding tools which can convert your video to a different format.  

Question: Can I only Watch Videos on the MediaFire Channel?  What about my music, pictures, & documents?

The MediaFire Roku application only supports video play back.  Other content, such as pictures, music, & documents, will not appear on the MediaFire channel.  You can view all of your content via the MediaFire Cloud on your Desktop or Mobile devices.  Clickhere to get these tools today.

Question: Why is my Video Quality not Good?

The video that is streamed to your device is unmodified.  Unfortunately, if the original source was low quality, then playback will also be low.

Question: Why does my Video Keep Buffering?

We're sorry, we know buffering is frustrating.  If the quality of the source material is high and it exceeds the capacity of your internet service, the playback will buffer.  A fix would be to either reduce the size of your video or upgrade to a faster internet connection.

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