Premium Account Features

In addition to all the great features available to Free users, Pro and Business users have additional resources at their disposal. Upgrading an account grants access to new features and capabilities that improve the ability to upload, download, and share content.


Improved Sharing Options for Premium Users


When a free user downloads or shares a file, the act of downloading requires visiting an ad-supported download page. By contrast, a Pro or Business user can download any file from any MediaFire user without having to view a single ad. Additionally, any file shared from a premium account will function as a direct download. Even if the recipient doesn’t have a MediaFire account of their own, they will not see any advertisements and not be prompted to click on a download button. There is a way to re-enable the download button for premium users, but even then no advertisements will be displayed. A premium account can also be used to bulk-download files, or allow others to bulk-download files from the account.


1-Time Download Links


Like Free users, Pro and Business users have access to our 1-Time Download Link tool. While Free accounts receive ten 1-Time Download Links per day, Pro subscribers receive 100 per day and Business users have 5000 available every day. There is no penalty for using up all available links, and they will continue to be refreshed once every 24 hours.